We don’t do it to be different, we don’t do it for the attention, not for the crowd or money.
We do it because stepping onto the field is like stepping into a new world,
where you leave everything behind and focus on the game, after that it’s all just fun.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


- mission accomplished -

Sunday, December 5, 2010


"War Zone"


so what you waiting for?

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Company Of Heroes


Langkawi Big Game - "three kingdom"


Recballer LANGKAWI game is ON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DECEMBER 10,11,12 (3 days 2 nites)

  • ALL IN RM200 (Inc. boat transfer, registeration,accomodation,
    food, player party )

  • just buy pallet RM 180 PER BOX

  • it would be the most happening GAME ever in MALAYSIA

B station Wei dynasty

beside C is Wu dynasty

F Shu dynasty

E building already demolished due to the war between the 3 kingdom so it will be helipad where REAL helicopter will land

Click here for group registration

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Company Of Heroes

Game On 09:00am 17/10/2010
@Modenas Paintball Park . Gurun Kedah

RM10 Reg - Co2/N2 (O2 Free) - Own Marker
RM55 Starter - Marker/Mask/Co2 Unlimited 100 palert
RM50/Beg - Palert.
Comfirm before this "Sabtu"Day!!..

Thursday, October 7, 2010

-WTS- RAP4 T68 M4 Firestorm (Brand New)

RAP4 T68 M4 Firestorm (Brand New)
Come with Marker
Mechanical Trigger
3 Megazine
RAP4 n barrel Sock Original
...Manual and Part

-WTS- RAP4 T68 M4 Firestorm

RAP4 T68 M4 Firestorm (Use 2 times)
Come with Marker
2 Magezine
Bag n Barrel Sock
...Manual n Part

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bukit Merah Lake Island Amphibious Scenario Campaign

Taken From - http://paintball-aghonxquest.blogspot.com/

Now we are proudly present the big scenario war games for all paintballers

When: Saturday and Sunday, Jun 19 and 20, 2010
Where: Bukit Merah Resort, Gunung Semanggol, Perak
Organizer: Kelab Paintball Taiping, Aghon Xquest

Player will be devided into 3 large group depend on the package you chose

Package ALPHA (RM 100.00/pax)
2D1N, Most likely as Red Army
Stay at Camping Site (Bring your own tent or joint the marque tent club
Boat /Ferry
Haversack Meals 6x
Island Night Show
Report on Day1 10:00H

Package BRAVO (RM 80.00/pax)
Likely to be Special Forces of Blue Army
(2D1N) Accommodation on your own.
Special rate given by Bukit Merah Resort.
Boat /Ferry
Haversack Meals 3x
Island Night Show
Report on Day1 14:00H

Package CHARLIE (RM 50.00/pax)
Most Likely as Blue Forces;
Or reinforcement forces of Red Army
Walk in basis
Boat /Ferry
Haversack Meals 2x
Report on Day 2, 10:00H

Paintballs only RM160.00 per box
Unlimited CO2, Compressed air.
Marker rental RM30/day

Pay your entrance fee and fill in the form.
First 100 player will get special goodies.
Maybank : Aghon Xquest
Account No: 508300209546
Email : aghonxquest@gmail.com
Further Info: 0196592442 (Rashid)


Monday, May 3, 2010

KULIM Paintball Big Game

KULIM Paintball Big Game 1 Mei 2010

berlansung di Kulim, dalam 30 orang.

Combat Shop!!

G.A.U & Taiping Troopers

Rest Time.



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